Piney River Cattle Company

pinewoodstore_collage__piney-riverAbout Piney River Cattle Company

Piney River Cattle Company is a holistic cattle ranch in Nunelly, Tennessee, just an hour west of Nashville. Owned and operated by rancher Lee McCormick, Piney River Cattle Company offers the highest quality, humanely raised beef, pork and lamb products the area has to offer. On the scenic 10-acre ranch set against the stunning Piney River, Lee and his family tend to more than 1,000 head of grass-fed cattle, pasture-raised pigs, lamb and chicken, and harvest bountiful produce from The Pinewood Farm.

The cattle ranch started in 1986 as a commercial cattle feeding business. Since 2009, Piney River Cattle Company has wholly adopted holistic ranch management principles aimed at producing humanely-grown, grass-fed, pasture-raised, mob-grazed livestock. All of the meat from Piney River Cattle Company is grass-fed, mob grazed, and contains no hormones or antibiotics. They also raise American Quarter Horses, Murray Grey Bulls and Cattle, Red Wattle Hogs, and Barbados Blackbelly Sheep with stock available for purchase at any time.

Our Mob Grazing Technique

The goal at Piney River Cattle Company is to work in harmony with Mother Nature by acting as good stewards of our land and livestock. Our cattle, pigs and lamb are raised in open grass pastures using mob grazing techniques and are never laden with growth hormones, steroids, GMOs, animal byproducts, MSGs or nitrates. Mob grazing is a ranching technique that utilizes Mother Nature’s bounty as efficiently and sustainably as possible and produces both healthier land and healthier livestock.  By constantly rotating our cattle to the freshest fields, this allows our livestock to consume the most nutritious organic feed, while allowing our land to recover naturally. We closely monitor our livestock’s pH levels, health and behavior to ensure they remain happy and healthy while on the moooove.

For more than 30 years, we have adapted our methods using tried and true practices to convert natural grass and forage to great tasting, organic beef, pork and lamb products. Our products are handled through USDA certified slaughter facility and are vacuum-sealed for optimal freshness, flavor and storage life.

Have questions? We’d love to talk to you about grass-fed genetics for feeder cattle or breeding stock, give you a tour of the land and facilities, and answer any other questions you have for us.