Pinewood Farm


About The Pinewood Farm

The Pinewood Farm is home to a bountiful 10-acre garden in the heart of Pinewood, Tennessee, just 50 miles outside of Nashville. The garden is filled with nature’s bounty of fresh, organic seasonal vegetables and also includes a wild mushroom garden, orchard, and honeybees that produce sweet Tennessee honey. Also on the farm are pasture-raised chickens that lay farm fresh eggs and grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle, pigs and lamb at the Piney River Cattle Company.

Much of the fresh produce, sweet honey, grass-fed meat products, and farm fresh eggs from the farm supply the farm-to-table Pinewood Store & Kitchen just across the street, which is owned and operated by television chef, restaurateur, and author Mee McCormick. Mee and her family tend to the gardens, harvest the produce, herd the cattle, and even cook and serve at the restaurant, making for an authentic, family-run operation that oozes Southern hospitality at every turn.

Our Biodynamic Gardens

At The Pinewood Farm, our goal is to provide fresh, healthy organic food for our local markets that promote health, wellness and happiness. We strive to maintain ecological balance throughout our farming practices. We focus on feeding the soil by the addition of compost, green manure, cover crops, and other natural nutrients. The healthy, rich soil, in turn, provides flavorful and nutrient-dense produce. In the gardens, it is important for us to be a part of the complete ecological circle that The Pinewood Farm cultivates.

We grow and harvest with the seasons using our two unheated hoophouses only as season extenders. Springtime includes lots of lettuce, onions, radishes, as well as asparagus and snow peas. Summer brings in squash, beans, corn, okra, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and full flavored herbs like basil, parsley, and cilantro. The melons and southern peas are rounding out late summer and leading to winter squash and pumpkins. The brassicas go in the ground in the autumn to carry over well into the winter. These include broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, turnips, kohlrabi, beets, and carrots.

Crop rotation and diversity helps the beneficial native insects along with keeping our honeybees busy in the gardens all summer. Therefore, we chose the biodynamic and sustainable methodology for our growing practices.

At The Pinewood Farm, we are committed to building a sustainable community dedicated to the biodynamic production of Earth’s bounty and servicing with the reawakening of humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth.