• See What’s Cookin’ at Pinewood Store & Kitchen 01 Nov ,2016

    Pinewood Store & Kitchen is our family's farm-to-table country kitchen right in the heart of downtown Pinewood.

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  • Mob Grazing 26 Oct ,2016

    So we have the herd at the Pinewood farm in “mobs” they seem to be doing well. Getting the correct amount of ground litter and hoof action is hard at first, but after awhile it is a flow. Our neighbors think we are crazy, but they already knew it!

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  • Join Our CSA 26 Oct ,2016

    There are great reasons to join our CSA! Buying direct from your Farmer is a wonderful way for people who eat to connect with people who grow. To use your food dollars to buy well-grown food fosters not only your personal well-being but also supports a healthy community.

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  • 2013 Foals are being weaned! 26 Oct ,2016

    Quality range-bred horses are hard to come by. Our foals move with the foraging herd, traveling every day.

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  • Fresh Awakenings 26 Oct ,2016

    Pinewood Farms has always functioned as an organic farm. This year, with guidance from Jeff Poppen, we will grow food with the integrity of the soil in the foremost of our mind and take our gardening ‘beyond organic’

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