2013 Foals are being weaned!

We are so excited about our foals this year! They are so pretty and have the best temperaments. All are AQHA registered.  Our broodmares are stout ranch mares with proven Working Cow Horse bloodlines; our stallions are bred to perform on the ranch, on the trails, and in the arena. We breed very successfully for strong bones, lots of cow, hardiness, athleticism, and good disposition.

Horses raised as nature intended:  The horses are raised on the open range. Our foals are nurtured as much by the landscape as by their dams, evoking millennia upon millennia of deeply-rooted equine instinct as they mature.

Quality range-bred horses are hard to come by.  Our foals move with the foraging herd, traveling every day.  Not only does this work to develop physically superior horses, but by raising foals in a herd, as nature intended, mentally healthy horses are created.  From birth, the foals learn to traverse rocky, brushy country, cross streams, graze, and to respect the herd dynamic.  In other words, our foals learn to handle themselves physically, deal with a variety of naturally occurring challenges, and to submit to dominant herd members–all of this translates directly to a foal’s future relationship with humans. 

We would love for you to come have a look at these gorgeous babies and hopefully make one part of your program. We offer our foals, young prospects, and selected broke horses for sale – please contact us for availability.