ASA provides more than a policy; we provide a SERVICE.
Crop insurance is one of the most complex areas in the insurance industry. Ag Service Associates specializes in being knowledgeable of the ever-changing federal ag-policies in addition to the extensive ag-business itself. ASA concentrates on crop insurance 100% of the time and is committed to customer service by aiding clients year-round in making risk management decisions. ASA also provides all clients with customized mapping booklets for simplified record keeping.
  • All fields are mapped for acreage reports.
  • Clients use map booklets to certify acres.
  • Maps utilized for adjusting & records.
  • We can cater to your operation's needs.
  • Accurate maps insure your crops ACCURATELY!

    Discover the DIFFERENCE. Give us a try.

  • 2017 Base & Harvest Prices
    Crop RP & YP Base Harvest
    Corn $3.96-Vol.19 $3.49
    Organic Corn -- $7.99
    Soybeans $10.19-Vol.16 $9.75
    Organic Soybeans -- $19.64
    Grain Sorghum $3.83-Vol.19 $3.37
    Popcorn $0.1703/lb-Vol.19 $0.1501/lb
    Sunflowers (conf.) $0.272/lb-Vol.15 $0.269/lb
    Sunflowers (oil) $0.293/lb-Vol.15 $0.179/lb

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